SJARA & CWVWA are now one club!


First thing we would like to welcome all the new members to the Central West Virginia Wireless Association

Over the past previous months there have been many discussions between members of both clubs, officers and also the board of directors, of the combining of these two clubs into one organization, and through all the final voting and discussion processes, everything has been agreed upon and the combining of its members and clubs will now take place.

What does this mean?

  • CWVWA will honor and absorb all of the current active members of the Stonewall Jackson Amateur Radio Association into the CWVWA membership for the remainder of the year,  dues for renewal always start at the first month of the calendar year.
  • CWVWA will obtain the 1×2 call sign (K8DF) that SJARA has and transfer ownership over to CWVWA for field day & repeater uses.
  • Stonewall Jackson Amateur radio Association will donate it’s property consisting of,  2 HF radios, multi-band yagi antenna, tower, rotator, 200ft coax,  and other misc. items used for field day / EMCOM activities
  • SJARA funds will be transferred into CWVWA funds

When does all this happen?

  • SJARA members are now considered CWVWA members as of 7-20-2017 on the final vote held at the SJARA members meeting held on 7-20 and a final vote to accept all terms.
  • over the next 30-60 days SJARA officers will remain to ensure that all transfers of property, closures of accounts, FCC documentation, has been finalized and then a dissolution of Stonewall Jackson Amateur Radio Association will then have been met.

The main goal of the combining of these two clubs is to further strengthen the local ham community as a whole and also allow us to to do more different things amateur radio related and also to have more resources to us available to use.

Please welcome our new members:

K8SAN Sandra
N8YPE Dave
K8EAS  Ann
K8RAS Richard
KC8MTW James
KD8ABS  Troy
NW8U John
KC8RIQ Kimberly
KC8RIP Jarrett
KD8IZC Cecelia
N8YPA Skip


The following SJARA members are already active members in CWVWA

KC8PNI Tiffany
K8BNC  Brittany
N8FMD Dick
N8FXJ  Janice
K8YLA  Kayla
N8FWD Mike
K8TPH Dick
WV8SM Scott

2017 Field day results

Preliminary results

2017 Field day was a success and before I get into the numbers I want to thank each and every one that participated in this year’s event putting in all the long hours, donating food and items, helping out and making sure everything went well. This year we had total of 30 members / guests in attendance.

Click here to view a pdf file of the cabrillo log file

QSO count for this year
447 CW QSO’s
227 Dig QSO’s
1077 PH QSO’s

40m Phone GOTA station 185 QSO’s

2017 QSOs by mode and band:
Band Mode QSOs Pts Pt/Q
3.5   CW 94
3.5   LSB 306

7      CW 208
7      LSB 244
7      RTTY 133

14    CW 85
14    RTTY 94
14    USB 362

21    CW 60
21    USB 165


Once again thanks to all who chipped in!

Tim Yoos – WV8TIM CWVWA member
Vice President & Field Day Chairman Stonewall Jackson Amateur Radio Association

New members

Please welcome the following new members to the CWVWA.

October 2016

  • Tiffany Cutlip – KC8PNI



September 2016

  • Leon Lucas- KE8CBQ
  • Chris Brown – K8CTB
  • Roscoe Lipscomb- K8RRL
  • Jake Cutright – KC8TQK
  • Adam Moore – Honorary member


August 2016

  • Janice Fowler – N8FXJ
  • Robert – Pisegna NR8X


July 2016

  • Justin Norman – KD8IZD
  • Kayla Loy – K8YLA
  • Earl Cutlip – KB8FHW
  • Brittany – Cutlip – K8BNC


Silent Keys

I am asking and looking for information on previous members of the central West Virginia Wireless Association or a neighboring club that may have worked with our club that has passed to add them to our In Memoriam page

Any information would be greatly appreciated for our, gone but never forgotten friends

The link to the new page can be found here or also by clicking on the about section of the menu.
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2016 Inventory List

The following is a list of property owned by the Central West Virginia Wireless Association.

Repeater Site:

  • Yeasu DR-1X digital repeater( Serial # 5k240062)
  • Mastr II Combo, Complete with continuous duty 110 W PA and power supply (Backup repeater)in in a 72” Cabinet
  • GE Mastr II power supply (In Use)
  • GE Mastr II 110w power amplifier (In Use)
  • 3 band pass cavities
  • 1 Telewave VHF Duplexer
  • Sinclair Q202GC Duplexer (In Use)
  • 75’ 7/8” hard line with UHF connectors
  • 77’ ½ “ hard line with UHF connectors
  • 2 20ft ½” hard line jumpers
  • Tower lighting control box
  • 1 8ft grounding rod
  • 2/0 aluminum wire
  • 20ft Orange innerducting conduit
  • 86 oz of weed killer for tower site


This list also does not contain the current antennas and hard line installed on the tower that is in use….