Silent Keys

I am asking and looking for information on previous members of the central West Virginia Wireless Association or a neighboring club that may have worked with our club that has passed to add them to our In Memoriam page

Any information would be greatly appreciated for our, gone but never forgotten friends

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2016 Inventory List

The following is a list of property owned by the Central West Virginia Wireless Association.

Repeater Site:

  • Yeasu DR-1X digital repeater( Serial # 5k240062)
  • Mastr II Combo, Complete with continuous duty 110 W PA and power supply (Backup repeater)in in a 72” Cabinet
  • GE Mastr II power supply (In Use)
  • GE Mastr II 110w power amplifier (In Use)
  • 3 band pass cavities
  • 1 Telewave VHF Duplexer
  • Sinclair Q202GC Duplexer (In Use)
  • 75’ 7/8” hard line with UHF connectors
  • 77’ ½ “ hard line with UHF connectors
  • 2 20ft ½” hard line jumpers
  • Tower lighting control box
  • 1 8ft grounding rod
  • 2/0 aluminum wire
  • 20ft Orange innerducting conduit
  • 86 oz of weed killer for tower site


This list also does not contain the current antennas and hard line installed on the tower that is in use….

Sale of old Inventory

Upon going through the clubs inventory, There were several items in the clubs property that was of little or no use for the club and decided by the members best to be sold among the members for use and also to help raise funds for the club…


The following list of items is what was sold….

  • Motorola Ranger Cabinet and inside the cabinet is 2 GE Rangr 150 radios-Sold to Doug (KC8AJH) for $20.00
  • 75’ LMR 400-Sold to Todd (KE8CYH) for $38.00
  • 95’ RG 213-Sold to Woody (KD8VVX) for $38.00
  • 40’ ½” hard line with UHF connectors-Gave to Vic (WV8CC)
  • 63’ RG8U-Sold to Tim (WV8TIM) for $40.00
  • 2 x Hustler G6 antenna’s one Sold to Vic (WV8CC) and one sold to Bryan (K8BEC) for $75.00 each

The total generated funds of the sale of used items are $286.00 which will then go into the clubs account.

July 2016 News & Members


      • Please send congrats to KE8CYH for upgrading and earning his General License.
      • Field day was a successes and many members show up and supported from both clubs..
      • Club Inventory has been completed and will be posted to the site soon..
      • New sections to the site will be added for thanking those who have made significant contributions to the club and also a section memorializing our silent keys.


We welcome the following newest members to the CWVWA who joined at our July 2016 meeting

      • KD8IZD
      • KB8FHW
      • K8YLA
      • K8BNC



Field Day 2016

This years field day was a success, lots of members joined in and helped out.  In conjunction with the Stonewall Jackson Amateur Radio Assoc. many contacts were made…

Here is the points break down:

CW QSOs 577 x 2 = 1154
Dig QSOs 59 x 2 = 118
PH QSOs 768 x 1 = 768
Total Points = 2040 x 2 power = 4080
Bonus Points = 1410
Final claimed score 4080 + 1410 = 5490


Plans for next years will soon be in the works…  Thanks to everyone that came out, Photos will be added to the album soon.

73’s WV8TIM