Net Control

Scheduled NET Control operators for the following dates, if for some reason or in an emergency that you cannot host the net for that night, please notify a member of the club that you will not be able to host and an alternate operator will be found for that evening.

You do not have to have a Fusion capable radio to be a net control, but you will have to have a C4FM Yaesu transceiver  to be a part of the digital net..

Net control operators, please send the list of check-ins and net times to WV8TIM and K8BEC  for updating of the website and also to pass along for reporting to state coordinator.

N8FMD & K8QVC are Alternates for net controls if you cannot be Net operator please let one of them know so they can fill in.

October 2017

  • 19th K8SKD
  • 26th KC8WRU Analog / K8QVC Digital

November 2017

  • 2nd N8FMD
  • 9th K8QVC
  • 16th KC8WRU/K8QVC
  • 23RD K8SKD
  • 30TH KC8AJH

    DECEMBER 2017

  • 7TH K8QVC
  • 14TH WD8NSC
  • 21ST N8FMD
  • 28TH K8BEC

    JANUARY 2018

  • 4TH KD8VVX
  • 11th N8FMD
  • 18th K8SKD

         FEBRUARY 2018

  • 1ST WD8NSC
  • 8TH N8FMD
  • 15th K8BEC
  • 22ND KI8EJ

    MARCH 2018

  • 1st KC8WRU
  • 8th Analog:KC8QWV/ Digital:KE8GUT
  • 15th K8SKD (both digital and analog)
  • 22nd NR8X (both digital and analog)
  • 29th KC8QWV/analog- KE8GUT/digital

APRIL 2018

  • 5th KC8WRU (both analog and digital)
  • 12th KE8GUT (both analog and digital)





Net control operators for further dates will be filled at the next monthly meeting.