The Traders Net (Buy, Sell, or Trade)

Every Thursday we host a weekly net on our 2 meter (147.165) repeater at 9pm. All licensed individuals are welcome to participate, members and non members announce anything that they may have for sale or wanting to buy that’s Amateur Radio related.

These items will be posted here, we will try to keep this list as up to date as possible…   Please note that things that are for sale may be already sold,  an email address or phone number will be provided to contact the Seller/Buyer , understand its always a first come first served basis.  Photos in the listings are just for demonstration purposes only unless specified as an actual photo of the item being sold…


Items for Sale:



Alinc0 DR635  Call for price



Contact: 304-627-4768 (text only)

Ft-897D with meter and 2 batteries with charger,Ft-3200 mobile,ft-9800 quad band

2 DMR Baofeng with like 5 batteries 3 charges and different antennas

Yaesu vx6 portable

MFJ 986 3kw tuner

Swan 1200 Amp

Teletec 200 W VHF amp

60 Amp UHF amp

5 different power supplies

Tripp Lite 40A

Pyramid 20A

MFJ 4245 45A

2 Radio Shack 20A,Mv6va 6 band HF Vertical,3 different sections of Coax 50- 75ft

200ft of ½” Hardline, analyzer, mics, connectors, meters, tubes, tube testers ,3 boxes of extra


All $1000.00

Seller: AD8T-Mo Kittle (304-636-7948)


Black and Decker 1000W inverter, brand new, never unboxed.
Comes with 3 foot #6 battery cables.

Seller: AD8T-Mo Kittle (304-636-7948)


Hallicrafters S38-B short wave receiver, ~~1952
Tube type. AM/CW. Completely re-capped, re-tubed, aligned by AD8T.
4- band; band spread dial.  Cosmetically excellent. Not perfect but excellent.
Prob one of the best examples left in the world.
$200 firm. will deliver to central WV area.

Seller:K8SKD-Todd White

General class study guide

Price: $10.00

Seller:KD8OJH- Larry Ransinger

Arrl General License study guide



Seller: N8FMD-Dick Fowler

Tripp Lite PV 1000FC, 1000 watt inverter(used). It is a heavy duty unit, made for professional use. 8.5 out of 10

price is 150.00  Update : price is negotiable

Seller:N8FMD-Dick Fowler

Staco 3PN1010V  Variac (used) excellent condition. 10A  0-140 VAC

Price is 100.00 Update : price is negotiable


45ft Rohn 25g Tower & Antenna- $350.00

Seller: NM8D – Michael McGougan, Email:
Rohn 25g series tower, homeade folding section also with tapered top for antenna rotor also with the sale a Comet H-422 4 band dipole antenna Contact Mike (NM8D) at 304-641-5168


ROHN 25G Tower – Price: $call

Seller: KD8WCN – Wayne Fast, Phone: 304-534-5339
Sections are 10ft long and also has a base for the tower.



Wanted to Buy:


CWVWA is not responsible for any warranties, insurance, or protection of the transaction of the sale or purchase of the items posted, everything is based on the honor system. We encourage good practices in describing the items that are for sale and divulge any pertain information to the buyer , to make a sound decision on purchase. We do not condone the use of any scams or club misrepresentation and will be dealt with on a case by case basis.