Statement of Purpose

To Provide emergency communications in the event of a disaster.

To Meet socially so as to advance the skills of Amateur Radio operators in preporation of applying technical and communications expertise for the good of our community and the surrounding Counties.

Our Primary goals are:
In the event of a disaster or time of need, to assist and protect the citizens of the community and the surrounding Counties by providing emergency communications.

To work with local emergency Management and other Public service agencies to help and establish the infrastructure plans and procedures to best utilize the capabilities of the Central WV. Wireless Radio association.

To teach train and prepare Men and women of all ages to use Ham Radio as skilled Operators, and in accordance with all of the FCC rules and regulations.

To train and experiment with new modes of communications so that we may provide quality communications and ensure public safety.

When all else fails… amateur radio works, Ham radio, as it is often called, is a hobby. It is a non-commercial radio communication service whose primary aim is public service, technical training, experimenting with radio electronics, and the leisure communications between private persons.