2017 Field day results

Preliminary results

2017 Field day was a success and before I get into the numbers I want to thank each and every one that participated in this year’s event putting in all the long hours, donating food and items, helping out and making sure everything went well. This year we had total of 30 members / guests in attendance.

Click here to view a pdf file of the cabrillo log file

QSO count for this year
447 CW QSO’s
227 Dig QSO’s
1077 PH QSO’s

40m Phone GOTA station 185 QSO’s

2017 QSOs by mode and band:
Band Mode QSOs Pts Pt/Q
3.5   CW 94
3.5   LSB 306

7      CW 208
7      LSB 244
7      RTTY 133

14    CW 85
14    RTTY 94
14    USB 362

21    CW 60
21    USB 165


Once again thanks to all who chipped in!

Tim Yoos – WV8TIM CWVWA member
Vice President & Field Day Chairman Stonewall Jackson Amateur Radio Association