From the President

To all Members and Visitors;   As most of you know we have a new ” FUSION ” repeater on order with Vertex Standard ( Yeasu ), with a delivery time of about  4 to 8 weeks from now, and N8FMD will help us to bring it on line.  It has 3 power levels 10, 20, & 50W.  We plan on using it on the 20W output level and and use it to drive a Power Amplifier that we have on hand to bring us up to our present level of RF output.    Also new info, i just received our request for exemption because we were closer than 100 air miles to the Beaver PA. Repeater on our same frequency, owned & operated by N3CYR  Stephan E. Gray, of Industry PA.  Mr. Gray kindly singed the waver with no expiration date,  but with minor restrictions.  So we are now coordinated.
I will not be able to accept the nomination fro President of the CWVWA for 2016 because of family obligations.  I made the primary announcement at the 2015 picnic 12 Sep.  I will continue with the other duties such as testing, trustee , and repeater maintenance support.
More work is needed with timber cutting in the right-away, and mowing and weed eating near the building as per our agreement with the owner Mr. Martin. Lastly all assets have been removed from the old repeater sight.        73     WV8CC    Vic