Sale of old Inventory

Upon going through the clubs inventory, There were several items in the clubs property that was of little or no use for the club and decided by the members best to be sold among the members for use and also to help raise funds for the club…


The following list of items is what was sold….

  • Motorola Ranger Cabinet and inside the cabinet is 2 GE Rangr 150 radios-Sold to Doug (KC8AJH) for $20.00
  • 75’ LMR 400-Sold to Todd (KE8CYH) for $38.00
  • 95’ RG 213-Sold to Woody (KD8VVX) for $38.00
  • 40’ ½” hard line with UHF connectors-Gave to Vic (WV8CC)
  • 63’ RG8U-Sold to Tim (WV8TIM) for $40.00
  • 2 x Hustler G6 antenna’s one Sold to Vic (WV8CC) and one sold to Bryan (K8BEC) for $75.00 each

The total generated funds of the sale of used items are $286.00 which will then go into the clubs account.