Learn Morse Code

Easy to Learn Morse Code

Several Technician Operators have asked me how do you learn Morse Code.

I tell them it is easy if they go at it in the right way.

What is the right way?

I taught beginners learning the Morse Code and how to type at the same time.

Most Hams, as far as I know, don’t have to learn how to type so will not cover that. Hams either write it down and as they improve just make words appear in your mind.

First you must visualize the Dots and Dashes and relate them to characters and at the same time learn the proper phonic words to go with that character.

I have made a chart that gives you the sound of the character in a visual way.

Such as:

. . . _ Dot Dot Dot Dash would have visual sound of the character Di Di Di Dah   ( V Victor)

Once you have memorized the visual sound of the character by using a flash card system or Columns which you can download at    Morse Chart Chart  you can start right away

After you have practiced using the visual sound system then fold the sheet in the middle. Look at either the letters and phonic or the sound side and practice.

Memorizing using visual/sound system is very easy then go directly to listening to the morse code at around 5 words per minute with double spacing between letters and it will come to you easily.

With this system you can learn morse code at 5 words per minute and then all you need is to practice at faster speeds. Good Luck Here is a good program you can download and practice http://www.justlearnmorsecode.com/download.html You can vary the speed of the character, speed of the text, pitch, or you can write you own text and practice.

When you have learned the letters then tackle the numbers
Here they are:::::::
1 Di Dah Dah Dah Dah
2 Di Di Dah Dah Dah
3 Di Di Di Dah Dah
4 Di Di Di Di Dah
5 Di Di Di Di Dit    or Dit
6 Dah Di Di Di Dit
7 Dah Dah Di Di Dit
8 Dah Dah Dah Di Dit
9 Dah Dah Dah Dah Dit
0 Dah Dah Dah Dah Dah      or Dah
The shortened 1 and 0 are not nomally used except when sending numbers only.

Thank you to the Stonewall Jackson Amateur Radio Association for providing this useful guide to learning Morse Code.