Consider The Hobby of Amateur Radio

Become One of 700,000 In The USA And 3,000,000 Around the World. With Amateur Radio
We are sometimes referred to as ham radio operators. No one really knows how this started. Amateur radio is communicating, building projects and antennas or just buying equipment in a box. Emergency communications during earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, and local public service.

Helping a disabled veteran or friend install his radio station. Being a ham radio operator is like having a big family, finding friends on air, and at a local ham club. Being a ham club member is a great way to expand and improve your hobby and education. A hobby that has the potential to lead you into a whole new occupation in electronics or computers. All with a common interest-amateur radio. If a 6 year old and a 100 year old can do this, so can you. To be an amateur radio operator you must obtain a Technician License from the FCC. The test for the license is given locally and consists of 35 questions, $15.00 test fee, and a photo ID plus one other form of ID. Study via internet is free or purchase a book for $30.00 plus S&H at Individual help is available through the West Virginia wireless Association.

For more information call: CWVWA 304-623-0199, 304-269-2631, or 304-534-5339